19 October 2022

Soltech company Fasadsystem installs solar cell facade for car dealer Berners

Car dealer Berner's showroom in Östersund will soon have a solar cell facade. Soltech company Fasadsystem is commissioned to install a 160 square meter mocha brown solar cell facade for the car dealer. The building-integrated solar cell facade will be installed in a southern direction and produce green electricity for the property's operation. The solar facade is expected to be operational by spring 2023.

Fasadsystem in Stenkullen became part of the Soltech group in April 2020 and is a comprehensive supplier in all types of facade installations and solar cell facades. Since joining the Soltech Group, they have been involved in designing and installing several notable solar cell facades, not least the large-scale solar cell facade in Mölnlycke Fabriker and Sweden's largest solar cell facade in Jönköping. The company has now been commissioned to install a new solar façade, this time for Berners.

The solar cell facade is to be installed at the car dealer Berner's showroom in Östersund. In total, the facade-integrated solar panels are estimated to annually produce around 15,000 kWh for the property. In addition, it will be designed in a mocha brown color, which means that it will also be aesthetically designed. Daniel Christiansen, project manager for solar cell installations at Fasadsystem, tell us about the positive values with a solar cell facade.

– It feels great to help Berners with their solar facade. We hope that this sustainability initiative will contribute to get more car dealers open to the advantages of building-integrated solar facades which, in addition to producing electricity, give the property a stylish and modern climate shell, says Daniel Christiansen, project manager at Fasadsystem.

An obvious choice for Berners
Berners was founded almost 100 years ago and is today one of Sweden's largest privately owned dealers within the Scania and Volkswagen Group with operations in the counties of Jämtland and Västernorrland. Berners has high sustainability ambitions, and the solar cell facade is part of the work to become a green car dealer.

– We are always aiming to develop and improve our properties. This solar cell facade is part of that work, and we look forward to producing our own solar energy in the future. To accelerate our sustainability work further, we are also looking at installing solar energy solutions on our roofs to meet the electrification of our vehicles, says Ante Åkerström, property manager and market strategist at Berners.