15 February 2024

Soltech company Fasadsystem installs a golden solar façade in Solna

Two Soltech companies have now installed and commissioned a roof-mounted solar system and a shimmering golden solar façade at Fastpartner’s office property in Solna. Soltech Energy Solutions has constructed the roof panels and Fasadsystem is now commissioning the solar façade. Tommie Standerth, CEO of Fasadsystem, tells us more about the project and the benefits of solar facades.

The shell of a building no longer only has to have an insulating effect. With integrated solar cells in the façade, the property takes advantage of more of the sunrays, while at the same time being given an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

A photovoltaic façade is also a suitable complement to a rooftop photovoltaic system. An example of the combination of roof-mounted solar panels and architect-designed solar cell façade can now be found at Fastpartner’s office property in central Frösunda in Solna.

– We are proud to have designed and installed this beautiful solar façade for Fastpartner. The façade gives the property a building envelope that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also generates renewable solar electricity. It also feels great that several Soltech companies have helped to create an energy-producing property, says Tommie Standerth, CEO of Fasadsystem.

The design of the solar façade is specially adapted to turn the solar panels into the best possible position, but also to ensure that the solar panels are adapted to the rest of the building in terms of design. In the future, the property’s operations will receive solar electricity from both the solar façade and the roof-mounted solar system that Soltech Energy Solutions previously installed.

–This property has now become a forerunner that other property owners and community developers should take a look at. If the aim is to create a cityscape at the intersection of design, sustainability and functionality, solar facades should be a matter of course for every major building project in the future, concludes Tommie Standerth.

Photo: Roger Spetz, Gatun Arkitekter