1 August 2022

Soltech company Essa Glas in a large facade and solar energy project for Örebroporten Fastigheter AB – order value of SEK 23.6 million

Örebro-based Essa Glas is one of the Soltech group's facade companies and works with various types of facades for commercial properties. The company has received an assignment from the real estate company Örebroporten Fastigheter AB for a facade contract at Stadsbyggnadshuset in Örebro, where part of the facade will consist of building-integrated solar cells. The entire facade is expected to be commissioned in the spring of 2023 and the order value amounts to approximately SEK 23.6 million.

As of the new year 2022, the facade company Essa is part of the Soltech group. The Örebro-based company performs, among other things, high-quality exterior and interior glass solutions as well as solar energy facades for commercial properties.

Essa Glas will now carry out a complete renovation of an older facade which will be converted into a modern Curtain wall facade where part of the façade also will contain integrated solar cells in the facade. The solar cells are well adapted to harmonize with the design of the rest of the glass facade. The building-integrated facade solar cells will have an installed power of 110.96 kWp.

– Stadsbyggnadshuset in Örebro will get a modern facade and we are happy about the trust to help with a complete renovation. A part of the facade will also be a building-integrated solar cell facade that will create renewable solar electricity for the property owner, something that will create value, both today and in the future, says Ola Karlsson, CEO of Essa Glas.

A sustainable municipal property company
Örebroporten is a municipal real estate company that develops sustainable environments in Örebro and currently manages areas of approximately 375,000 square meters. The company works actively with sustainability and to create sustainable properties from an energy and environmental point of view, solar energy is a priority area.

– Örebroporten has a high sustainability ambition with this project. The solar cells are part of this. Through the facade change, Örebroporten gets a modern and appealing facade that also creates benefit for the property, says Mattias Waller, project development manager, Örebroporten Fastigheter AB.