12 June 2023

Soltech company E-Mobility in SEK 58 million charging agreement with Voltiva

Soltech company E-Mobility has entered into a charging agreement with Voltiva, which is a nationwide supplier of on-site electric car charging. The agreement states that E-Mobility will install thousands of charging points for commercial properties in Gävleborg, Uppsala, and Dalarna counties. The agreement extends over a five-year period and can amount to a total order value of SEK 58 million for E-Mobility.

E-Mobility is the Soltech Group's company with specialist expertise in large-scale electric car charging installations and highly efficient charging infrastructure. The company has now entered into an agreement with Voltiva, an operator in on-site electric charging, for up to 3,000 charging points in connection with both commercial properties and apartment buildings in several counties. As the growth of electric cars will continue to grow extensively in the next ten years, CEO Martin Götesson sees this type of agreement as important to be able to meet increased demand.

– This agreement will make a difference for many property owners in Gävleborg, Uppsala and Dalarna counties, which motivates us greatly. The fact that we also get to do it with Voltiva, who is a highly innovative partner, makes this even more interesting. We want to thank Voltiva for the trust and look forward to designing intelligent and powerful solutions for both property owners and their tenants, says Martin Götesson, CEO at E-Mobility.

Three million rechargeable passenger cars by 2030
The electric car market has grown rapidly over the past three years. Since 2020, the market has tripled and forecasts from Power Circle shows that Sweden will have around three million rechargeable passenger cars in 2030, compared to around half a million today.

Offering quality charging options will therefore become increasingly important and is already seen as a hygiene factor for commercial property owners. Not least since approximately 80–90 percent of charging sessions take place at home or at the workplace. Mikael Ring, CEO at Voltiva, sees long-term agreements like this as the way forward for the charging industry and an important factor for the green transition.

– The agreement with E-Mobility is the start of a long-term collaboration that will create great benefits for our customers and their customers. It is a very competent partner and the fact that we signed a longer agreement makes it possible for us to grow together. Now we will make sure to help the country's property owners to be better equipped for an electrified future, says Mikael Ring, CEO at Voltiva.