27 October 2022

Soltech company E-Mobility in electric cars charging project for Fiskarheden – a total of 76 charging points

E-Mobility is one of the latest acquisitions within the Soltech Group. Now the company has completed a prestigious assignment when helping industrial company Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB to install 76 charging points in connection with their sawmill in Fiskarheden. An investment that was partly financed by the EU and which means that the sawmill can now offer its employees smart electric car charging.

Borlänge-based E-Mobility offers comprehensive solutions in planning, installation, and operation of large electric car charging stations, associated software for customer management and billing, energy storage and also solar energy solutions. The company has been part of Soltech since September 1, 2022 and has now completed a prestigious order in Dalarna.

E-Mobility has helped the sawmill Fiskarheden with electric car charging for their employees and visitors. Each electric car charger is also equipped with intelligent control of the engine heater outlet.

– This order has been a big project for us and we are grateful for the trust and for good cooperation. Fiskarheden is making a strategic investment and can now offer safe and efficient charging stations for employees and visitors. This will also contribute
to Fiskarheden as an employer as the number of electric cars continues to increase and the demand for electric car charging increases, says Martin Götesson, CEO of E-Mobility.

Charging services for Fiskarheden employees
The society has high demands and a rising need for more electricity and renewable energy. In 2021 alone, the number of electric cars in Sweden doubled. This was a contributing reason for the company to build up its own charging infrastructure at its sawmill in Fiskarheden, a venture that is partly financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU. Magnus Larsson, CEO at Fiskarheden also sees that employers who want to create attractive workplaces in the future need to be able to offer a smart charging infrastructure.

– We see great advantages in investing in our own charging infrastructure. Society is becoming electrified, and our employees will most certainly drive electric cars in the future. This investment also strengthens us as a company we believe charging stations will become a hygiene factor for employers and property owners as a service to employees in the near future, says Magnus Larsson, CEO of Fiskarheden.