1 February 2023
Soltech company E-Mobility commissioning one of Sweden’s largest charging stations for electric trucks in Gothenburg

E-Mobility is the Soltech Group's company with specialist expertise in large-scale electric car charging installations. Now the company has put into operation what is one of Sweden's largest charging stations with 15 charging places for electrical trucks for Göteborgs Lastbilscentral (GLC) in Gothenburg. The technology supplier in the project is Finnish Kempower and the charging station is now in full operation.

The electrification of the transport sector is in full transformation with the aim to reach Sweden's climate goals. The sector must be emission-free by 2045 at the latest. To increase the number of electric-powered transport to a desirable rate, however, more investments are required to strengthen the charging infrastructure.

An example of installations that meet the increased demand for charging solutions is the charging station that is now operating in Gothenburg. It is the Borlänge-based Soltech company E-Mobility that has designed and commissioned the charging station, which is one of the largest in Sweden. Martin Götesson, CEO of the company, comments on the work.

– It feels great that we have reached the finish line with this project for GLC, which invests heavily in charging infrastructure. The fact that we collaborate with Kempower also feels good as they assist with a technical solution that is both powerful and intelligent, which this type of large-scale charging stations requires, says Martin Götesson, CEO of E-Mobility.

Speed charging 24 hours a day
The highly efficient charging station has 15 charging points where the hardware has been supplied by Kempower. All charging points have power for speed charging and can handle a total of 1500 amps and 1 megawatt, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of around 100 villas. The charging park will be available to GLC's co-owners and drivers’ day and night.

– We are delighted to see this project go live. Commissioning one of Sweden’s largest private e-truck charging stations highlights the power of bringing ambitious Nordic companies together. We see the electrification of buses and trucks developing rapidly in the coming years and projects such as this are meaningful ways to electrify transport, says Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower.

– With the goal of reducing CO2 emissions and at the same time making it easier for our partners to convert to an electrified vehicle fleet, it feels great that the charging points are now put into operation. We have had a well-functioning collaboration with E-Mobility and Kempower and welcome our co-owners, drivers and partners to our new charging park, says Martin Salenius, CEO at GLC.