13 June 2022

Soltech companies – Rams El and Soltech Energy Solutions in multiple solar energy projects for Joab – order value of SEK 9 million

Two Soltech companies will support the transport industry company Joab, with solar energy solutions. Rams El and Soltech Energy Solutions will for, Joab AB in Gothenburg, install solar cells on several of the company's properties. The installations are expected to be commissioned in December 2022 and the order value amounts to SEK 9 million.

Soltech has an offensive growth strategy where acquisitions in the solar, roof, facade and electrical engineering industries together create synergy effects and business opportunities for each other. Two companies in the Group have now jointly been commissioned to install solar energy solutions at five of Joab's industrial properties in Gothenburg. The Gothenburg-based subsidiary Rams El and Soltech Energy Solutions will carry out the project together.

– It feels great that we can help Joab with this project which is a real sustainability investment. Together with our sister company Soltech Energy Solutions, we will ensure that their industrial properties will have solar installations on the roofs that will contribute with large amounts of green electricity to their production, says Per-Arne Olausson, project manager at Rams El.

A company with high sustainability ambitions
Joab is a leading group in the product industry for trucks in the Nordic region and manufactures and develops hydraulically controlled truck superstructures such as demountables and lift dumpers. The company is located in several cities in Sweden, with headquarter in Gothenburg. Joab has ambitious environmental goals and works actively to streamline its processes to reduce its energy consumption and carbon emissions. The solar energy solutions will be a new key factor in their sustainability investment.

– Our sustainability goals are clear. We aim to reduce our energy use and minimize our climate footprint. Installing solar energy at several of our facilities is a clear step forward. We have chosen Soltech and Rams El as partners in this project as we have experience and good references of them from projects done before, says Peter Olsson, CEO of Joab.