20 May 2022

Soltech companies in joint roof and solar energy projects for clients Nybro Energi and Eurosteel – order value of SEK 10.5 million

Two companies in the Soltech Group, Takrekond and Soltech Energy Solutions, have received an order to construct both a new roof and a solar solution for the steel company Eurosteel’s facility in Nybro. Takrekond will do the roofing and Soltech Energy Solutions installs the solar panels for Nybro Energi, which will sell the solar electricity to Eurosteel via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The entire assignment, roofing and the solar solution, will be completed later this year and the total order value amounts to SEK 10.5 million.

Soltech has an offensive growth strategy with acquisitions in the solar, roof, façade and electrical engineering industries. Together, these companies will create synergy effects and build a strong group with cross-border expertise that can offer complete solutions with solar energy, energy storage and smart energy control as a platform. The synergy effects are shown, among other things, when trust in one Soltech company results in business opportunities for another of the Group's companies, which has now happened in Nybro.

It started with the subsidiary Takrekond being given the confidence to help Eurosteel with a roof renovation of its property. Thereafter, Takrekond suggested that the property owner could reduce the energy costs with a large-scale solar energy solution on the newly laid roof, after which the sister company Soltech Energy Solutions was involved.

– Takrekond has had a good cooperation with Eurosteel for a long time and the fact that we now got a large new roof assignment feels very good. Our long and trustful relation with Eurosteel also led to our sister company now being commissioned to construct a solar installation on the same property. These are exactly the kind of business advantages and green solutions we hope to create even more of in the group, says Niclas Ax, Deputy CEO, Takrekond.

The solar energy is traded through PPA agreements
When Takrekond has completed the roofing work, Soltech Energy Solutions will construct a solar energy solution on the property's roof for the local energy company Nybro Energi, which has previously started a collaboration with Soltech on electricity trading agreements and the financing concept PPA. The concept means that Nybro Energi will own, manage and operate the solar installation for the property owner who only buys the electricity produced.

A PPA solution is an electricity trading concept that is becoming more common for property owners on the Swedish market, often, in connection with large-scale solar energy installations. The agreement means that Nybro Energi is responsible for the initial investment for the plant and any operating costs, which means that the property owner receives a direct energy cost saving from day one when the installation is up and running. Eurosteel only commits itself to buying the solar power that the plant will produce.

– It feels great that we are now working on our new PPA concept together with Nybro Energi. The concept and solar installation mean that the property owner reduces his environmental impact and benefits from the sun's rays in his business, without having to think about installation or operation of the solar installation himself. We clearly see the PPA solution for solar energy as the electricity trading concept of the future, says Mathias Duveskog, Regional Manager, Soltech Energy Solutions.