20 January 2022

Soltech builds solar park for Falkenklev Logistik: “Transports of tomorrow is powered by solar energy”

Soltech Energy Solutions, a subsidiary to Soltech Energy, will build a 1.5-hectare solar park for the logistics and transport company Falkenklev Logistik AB in Perstorp, Skåne. The solar park will produce over one million kilowatt hours and the investment is made by Falkenklev Logistik as part of their ambition to increase the electrification of the vehicle fleet. By doing so fossil-free self-produced solar power will be ensured for all their transports. The order value is SEK 7.5 million and the park is planned to be installed and ready in the second quarter of 2022.

Soltech Energy Solutions is a nationwide solar energy company that, together with other community builders, helps property owners, industries, and landowners with large-scale solar energy solutions.

The company also helps the transport sector to prepare for the rapid electrification the industry is undergoing. Soltech Energy Solutions will now build a solar park for the logistics and transport company Falkenklev Logistik in Skåne. The solar park will cover an area of one and a half hectares.

– The transport sector aims to reduce its emissions by 70 percent by 2030. To reach this goal more companies need to do as Falkenklev Logistik and invest in their own renewable solar power for their vehicle fleet. It feels great to be able to contribute to the industry's transformation and we are convinced that the transports of tomorrow will be powered by self-produced solar energy, says Rickard Lantz, Business Development Manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

Solar energy makes the business future-proof
Falkenklev Logistik was founded in 1957 and distributes goods via DHL's terminals in Malmö and Helsingborg throughout Skåne. The company has high environmental goals for its transports and for the business. The CEO of the company, Victor Falkenklev, talks more about how the upcoming solar park in Perstorp will contribute to the company.

– We want to do everything we can to contribute to a sustainable transport industry, which our own solar park will be a clear proof of. The solar park also helps us make our operations future proof, to be able to meet both increased electrification and ensure green electricity for our transports. The fact that we in the near future will make deliveries throughout Skåne with the help of solar energy feels fantastic, says Victor Falkenklev, CEO of Falkenkev Logistik.