24 October 2022

Soltech builds large solar cell solution for Öresundskraft in Bjuv’s logistics and food center

The solar energy company Soltech Energy Solutions has signed an agreement with the municipal energy company Öresundskraft for a roof-mounted solar energy installation on a logistics property in Bjuv's logistics and food center. The solar installation will measure approximately 9,400 square meters and consist of 3,624 solar panels. The property is owned by Foodhills Fastigheter, and the German food box company, Hellofresh, will operate the facility. The solar energy solution is expected to be commissioned in the spring of 2023.

The Soltech company Soltech Energy Solutions has a vast experience of large-scale solar energy solutions. Now the company has been commissioned to build a roof-mounted solar energy solution for the municipal energy company Öresundskraft, which Foodhills Fastigheter then will own. When completed, the solar panels will have an installed output of 1,975 kWp and will contribute with an electricity production that covers 30 percent of the property's electricity needs.

The installation will be commissioned on Foodhills Fastigheter's newly produced logistics property in the heart of the newly formed food cluster in Bjuv, which has been given new life after Findus shut down its historical pea production in the area in 2016. The area is now once again an active logistics and food hub but are like many other businesses in southern Sweden facing challenges such as high electricity prices.

– It feels fantastic that we get to participate and contribute to the energy supply in an area that plan for the future overall sustainability and creates an important function for our food supply. Therefore, this assignment feels extra motivating and our partner Öresundskraft is making an important contribution to the area's future electricity supply, says André Nylén, Key Account Manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

Food production powered by solar energy
Since Foodhills began to rehabilitate the area in 2018, more than 30 companies are operating in the area, which is called a hub for the circular food production of the future. By installing rooftop solar panels covering nearly one hectare, Öresundskraft helps the property owner to become less dependent on grid energy with increasing electricity prices and ultimately contribute to Hellofresh's operations being powered by the sun's rays.

– Renewable energy is a natural choice, and this is an important part of our mission to contribute to a sustainable energy supply. The food cluster in Bjuv is a very exciting area and we look forward to our solar energy solution being put into use. Together with Soltech, we bring together our different skills to drive the green transition and we really feel that we have the power to change, says Sara Norman, business developer solar, charging and storage at Öresundskraft.