11 May 2022

Soltech builds a solar energy solution for Svenska Retursystem in Jönköping – order value of SEK 25 million

One of the Soltech Group's subsidiaries, Soltech Energy Solutions, has a new large solar energy assignment in an industrial area just south of Jönköping. The solar energy company will build a 4 MW solar installation on Infrahub's property where Svenska Retursystem will operate. The installation will be commissioned during 2022/23 and the order value amounts to SEK 25 million.

Soltech Energy Solutions is a nationwide solar energy company that, together with other community builders, supports property owners, industries, and landowners with large-scale solar energy solutions. The company has has signed an agreement to build a large roof-mounted solar energy solution on Infrahub's property in Södra Stigamo, a logistics area, in Vaggeryd municipality.

– It feels great to be able to help Infrahubs and Svenska Retursystem with this sustainable initiative. It will be one of the largest roof-based solar installations in Sweden and will produce large amounts of green energy for the business and at the same time make secure a solution less sensitive to high electricity prices, says Rickard Lantz, Business Development Manager, Soltech Energy Solutions.

Food logistics with a focus on sustainability
Svenska Retursystem develops the grocery industry's common reusable system for distribution of goods based on a completely circular process. The new logistics facility in Vaggeryd will have one of Sweden's largest roof-placed solar installations with an estimated annual production of 3.7 GWh.

– In the power shift to renewables, solar energy plays an important part. Svenska Retursystem has high goals for increased sustainability in the reusable system. By adding more renewable energy to the existing electricity system, we can help the change to renewable energy instead of fossile energy. We are pleased that Infrahubs have agreed with Soltech on a large roof-mounted solar energy solution at our upcoming logistics facility in Vaggeryd, says Hans Byström, Purchasing Manager, Svenska Retursystem.