11 April 2022

Soltech builds 6.1 MW solar energy solution for Coop Sverige, in Eskilstuna

The Soltech company Soltech Energy Solutions has been commissioned to build a 38,000 sq m solar energy solution for Coop Sverige AB consisting of CFP * -certified panels with recycled silicon from Norway and silicon from Germany and the USA. The facility will be installed at Coop's new, fully automated, goods terminal and will cover half of the entire property's electricity needs. The project is planned for the turn of the year 2022/2023.

The solar energy company Soltech Energy Solutions develops large-scale solar energy projects as well as charging and storage solutions for landowners, property owners and logistic developers. The solar energy company will now construct a solution for Coop Sverige in Eskilstuna. Their new fully automated goods terminal will have a 38,000 square meter roof-mounted installation.

The solar panels to be installed are CFP-certified with a mixture of recycled silicon. Silicon is one of the most important components in a solar panel and the production of silicon is energy intensive. Therefore, the climate footprint of this solar energy installation is lower, and durability is a key factor for the whole life cycle of the installation.

– The solar energy solutions at Coop's product terminal in Eskilstuna will be green in a double sense as the solar panels are CFP-certified. This is a great investment by Sweden's most sustainable brand** Coop and we are proud to have been entrusted to construct and build this installation, says Jesper Ståhlberg, Key Account Manager, Soltech Energy Solutions.

Coop's terminal will be powered entirely by renewable electricity
The solar cell solution is estimated to cover approximately 50 percent of the property's annual electricity use and the remaining electricity is purchased from other renewable energy sources. A product terminal of this size has a high electricity consumption, which makes a solar energy extra welcome. Both to secure the supply of renewable electricity but also to reduce Coop's climate footprint.

– Acting sustainably permeates all operations within Coop. Now we are investing in the future with a new fully automated terminal in Eskilstuna and then we will of course make it as smart and sustainable as possible. For us, it became obvious to invest in a large-scale solar energy installation on the roof of the terminal. We look forward to working with our partner Soltech in the installation of Sweden's largest roof-mounted solar energy solutions, says Örjan Grandin, CEO of Coop Logistik.

*CFP-certified panels are products with a better climate footprint value in their life cycle analysis. CFP stands for Carbon footprint.
** according to Sustainable Brand Index 2021