28 June 2021

Soltech brings solar energy for SEK 6.5 million to Bostadsbolaget in Gothenburg

Eight residential buildings in Norra Biskopsgården will soon have solarpanels on their roofs. NP Gruppen, a Soltech subsidiary, has signed an agreement on a large solar energy solution with one of Sweden's largest municipal housing companies, Bostadsbolaget, The total order value amounts to SEK 6.5 million.

The solar energy group Soltech Energy has a transformation strategy which means that traditional roof, façade and electricity companies are acquired to the family and will add solar energy solutions to their business in order to meet both customers and environmental ambitions for green energy solutions. The strategy is ongoing and successful. Soltech's subsidiary, NP Gruppen has now signed a solar energy agreement with Bostadsbolaget, a non-profit housing company in Gothenburg. The agreement includes that NP Gruppen will build solar energy solutions on eight of Bostadsbolaget's properties in Norra Biskopsgården. Construction will start after the summer, and the solar energy facilities are expected to be completed later this year.

– It is with great pride that we can state that this project now goes from the drawing table to reality. This means that on all eight buildings we will integrate solar energy into people's everyday lives. Bostadsbolaget's ambitious sustainability goals and our solar energy solutions will now be a perfect match and we look forward to making Norra Biskopsgården a little greener together, says Marcus Juhlin, Solar energy manager at NP Gruppen.

Ferroamp balances the energy
In addition to the solar energy solution, a Ferroamp system will also be installed, to even out power peaks and to optimize electricity usage when it is needed the most and at the lowest cost. Oskar Scheiene, Energy Manager at Bostadsbolaget, looks with great confidence at the upcoming solar energy investment in the district.

– We are happy that we have signed on for our largest solar energy project to date. This is an investment that is completely in line with our ambitions to reduce Bostadsbolaget's climate footprint and increase our share of renewable energy. It is also an investment that fits well into a cityscape and environment where we want to highlight sustainability in every way. We are looking forward to work closely with NP Gruppen to turn the sun's rays into green energy in people's homes in Norra Biskopsgården, says Oskar Scheiene, Energy Manager at Bostadsbolaget.