13 January 2022

Soltech and Skanska in large solar energy projects – order value SEK 7.3 million

The Soltech Group's subsidiary, Soltech Energy Solutions, has previously collaborated with Skanska on several solar energy projects. The solar energy company and the construction group have signed an agreement on four new solar energy facilities to be built on Skanska's properties in 2022 with a total solar cell area of 6,000 sq.m. The installations will be located on both residential buildings as well as logistics- and industrial properties in Stockholm, Malmö and Helsingborg.

Soltech Energy Solutions is a nationwide solar energy company that, together with other community builders, helps property owners, industries, and landowners with large-scale solar energy solutions. The company and the construction group Skanska will now build four new solar energy facilities on Skanska's properties, starting in 2022.

– It feels great to collaborate with Skanska once again, who is in the forefront regarding sustainability work. Together, we will develop and support a society where large-scale solar energy solutions give more and more properties the right tools to produce their own energy. Something that both reduces the load on the overall electricity grid and creates climate-smart businesses and we look forward to completing these solar energy projects together, says André Nylén, Key Account Manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

Aims for climate neutrality by 2045
The roof-mounted solar energy facilities will be installed on the roofs of both logistics and industrial properties as well as a residential building. In total, the four solar cell installations will cover an area of approximately 6,000 square meters and is one of many steps towards Skanska's goal of becoming completely climate neutral by 2045.

– We clearly see that solar energy and energy efficiency are two important components in our journey towards achieving climate neutrality. For us to succeed with our high goals, it is necessary that we collaborate with partners who also put sustainability first. Therefore, we look forward to continuing developing climate-smart properties that are powered by solar energy together with Soltech in 2022, says Henrik Ahnström, Director of Product, Process & Innovation at Skanska Commercial Development Nordic.