21 October 2021

Soltech and Skanska are developing net zero-homes in Öjersjö Hagar

The first phase of construction has now started for the 47 net zero houses in Öjersjö Hagar, just outside Gothenburg. Soltech Energy Solutions and Skanska will build 47 homes in the area with an extra focus on climate-smart energy solutions. With an ambition to reduce CO2 in both materials and in the construction process the solar energy systems on the roofs will make several of the houses climate neutral.

Soltech Energy Solutions and Skanska have now begun the construction in Öjersjö Hagar, in Partille municipality. The residential area is built with extra high environmental performance, which will make the houses into energy efficient and sustainable net-zero homes*. Several of the houses will be completely climate neutral by minimizing CO2 in materials, in construction and compensatory measures will be taken, such as using renewable energy and bio charcoal. Soltech contributes to the project by installing solar energy solutions on all houses.

– It feels great to develop this area together with Skanska. It is a strong partner with the aim to create a more sustainable society, both today and for the future, which is completely in line with our own ambitions. Solar power is an important component in the journey towards a climate-neutral future and our installations contribute to the net zero homes in Öjersjö, says Rickard Viklund, Regional sales manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

Solutions for maximum climate compensation
In addition to solar energy solutions, the semi-detached houses are built of wood and will also have climate-improved concrete (with a lower climate footprint) in the foundation with an insulation of recycled cellular plastic. For the walls a glass wool insulation will be used. The houses are also designed with a focus on energy efficiency and the green electricity that is not used in the household is sold back to the electricity grid. Something that benefits both the residents' finances and compensates for emissions that inevitably occur during construction processes.

– In 2017, we took the decision that all our new homes would be Svanenmärkta and since then we have raised our ambition even further. As early as 2030, all new homes from Skanska will be climate-neutral throughout the value chain, and our net zero homes are a step on that journey. Every single choice is important for achieving climate neutrality. Everything from the choice of building materials to production methods and finally how maintenance and operation should be handled. Solar energy solutions and energy efficiency are two keys to success. Öjersjö Hagar will be an excellent example of how we can develop climate-neutral residential areas, says Sophie Edenfelt, Project developer at Skanska.

* Net zero energy means that the property adds as much new renewable energy as it needs for heating, cooling, hot water and property electricity on an annual basis.