20 September 2022

“Soltech – an incomparable acquisition journey”

In an analysis carried out by Analysguiden, they write that Soltech's strong growth is largely a result of establishing a unified group of solar, electric, facade and roof companies that together can offer a complete solar energy offer. To support the explosive growth, Analysguiden believes that the rights issue that is currently being carried out is necessary for the Group to reach its goals for 2024, which is 4.7 billion in turnover with an operating margin of 8–10 percent.

Furthermore, both the financial and strategic importance of Soltech's international acquisitions of 365zon and Sud Renovables are underlined. Acquisitions that are expected to contribute roughly 2 billion in turnover until 2024 with good profitability, as well as establish Soltech in an international environment.
Soltech CEO Stefan Ölander comments on Analysguiden's conclusions.
– The solar energy industry is brighter than ever, and it feels great that Aktiespararna sees our aggressive acquisition strategy and the ongoing rights issue as the keys to coming out as winners in a market that is both growing and consolidating at a high rate. The fact that our acquisition journey is also described as incomparable strengthens us even more in our belief that we are well on our way to building a very strong Group. Now our work continues to capture even bigger market shares to contribute so that more private individuals and companies are being able to produce their own solar electricity, says Stefan Ölander.

The analysis can be read in its entirety here (in Swedish): https://www.aktiespararna.se/analysguiden/nyheter/analys-soltech-energy-explosiv-tillvaxt-och-nodvandig-kassaforstarkning