21 September 2022

Soltech acquires 100% of Takab in Jönköping AB with a turnover of SEK 120 million

Soltech Energy Sweden AB (publ) has on 21 September acquired 100 percent of the shares in Takab in Jönköping AB (Takab) with entry on 3 October. The company is expected to have a turnover of approximately SEK 120 million in 2022 with good profitability. Takab has around 30 employees who work from the company's headquarter in Jönköping. The acquisition strengthens the Group's competence in roofing contracting and now the plan is to integrate solar energy into Takab's offer. The acquisition is financed entirely from own cash and with newly issued Soltech shares.

Soltech has an extensive acquisition strategy in the solar energy industry, but also in the electrical engineering, roof/sheet metal and facade industries, where the companies after being acquired are transformed when solar energy is added to the product range. Now the group acquires a prominent roofing company in Jönköping.

Takab is a family business that specializes in large, low-sloping flat roofs on large commercial properties such as logistics properties, sport centers and industrial buildings. As part of the Soltrech Group, the company will also start to offer their customers solar energy solutions.

– Takab is a well-run family business that for generations has offered high-quality roofing services and we are very happy that they have chosen to become a part of Soltech. This acquisition strengthens our position in the Jönköping region. Takab has also before worked with different companies within the Soltech Group, a proof that they will fit well into the Soltech family, says Stefan Ölander, CEO of Soltech Energy.

A family business that makes the journey towards the sun
Since the start in 1992, Takab has offered various types of roofing solutions. Everything from small steep roofs to sedum roofs, but with the main business in large flat and low-sloping roofs. It is precisely the expertise around larger roofs on such industrial properties that makes the step to offer solar energy even more natural. The company also operates in the Jönköping region, which is often referred to as one of the country's best locations for logistics properties, which creates a great demand for both large-scale roof contracting and rooftop solar energy installations.

– It is exciting that we are now part of the Soltech group. This will help us meet the growing and increased demand for solar energy and we are very much looking forward to being able to help our customers with both roofing and solar energy installations. As a part of a big solar group, we have all the conditions to take the company and our offer to the next level, says Johan Stark, CEO of Takab in Jönköping.