30 March 2021

Six of Soltech’s subsidiaries are building the Nordic region’s largest solar façade project with an order value of SEK 12 million

Six of the Group's companies have together offered a project with a comprehensive guarantee that will be the Nordic region's largest façade-integrated solar energy plant of 3,500 m2. Lustgården Ädelmetallen AB in Jönköping ordered the facility with a total order value of SEK 12 million.

Soltech Energy's CEO Stefan Ölander comments:
– I am very proud of this deal as it demonstrates unique synergy effects between six of our companies and also the strength of the group. I am sure that more and more construction companies and property owners will want to minimize the number of contractors and get a complete guarantee by doing as Lustgården Ädelmetallen AB does now.

Facts about the project in Jönköping
The property is over 200 meters long and in total over 3500 m2 of facade will be covered by solar cells. Approximately 5,000 of Soltech's type-approved facade solar cells will transform the old industrial building, now clad in turquoise sheet metal, into a landmark in southern Sweden. The panels are complemented with "dummie glass" in the same color, which will make the property a magnificent glass cube. Construction will start during the second quarter with completion during the fourth quarter of 2021.

The following Soltech companies contribute with their expert competence:
Soltech Sales & Support and Swede Energy – The solar cell façade
Fasadsystem in Stenkullen – Support for the facade
Takrekond – New roof of 21,000 m2
Provector – Electrical installations
NP Gruppen – Sheet metal job

The competence that we possess together is unique, there is no other supplier on the market that in a contract can deliver a complete solution to the customer with one and the same interface. Not least from a guarantee perspective, is this interesting for customers, says Stefan Ölander.

Lustgården Ädelmetallen AB´'s CEO and owner Niclas Järvhammar, comments:
– It feels good to strengthen our environmental profile by working with sustainable and innovative solutions. Soltech's stylish and solar cell integrated glass facade will make our property unique and talked about. In addition, getting six different suppliers together under one quote is great and something we look at very positively.