30 June 2021

Innovation collaboration between Soltech and Skanska

Soltech Energy and Skanska Kommersiell Utveckling Norden have signed a letter of intent regarding collaboration on innovations for building-integrated solar energy solutions. Focus in the collaboration will be energy optimization of commercial properties. The initial ambition is to launch a joint pilot project within a two-year period.

The solar energy group Soltech and Skanska, which is one of Sweden's leading construction companies, has now started their innovation collaboration. It is Skanska Kommersiell Utveckling Norden, a wholly owned subsidiary who develops commercial properties, that has joined forces with the solar energy group. After signing the agreement both parties together will take a step further in their ambition to develop new building solutions with solar energy as the primary target.

– We see great value in merging our solar energy expertise with Skanska's expertise to create synergies where tomorrow's energy solutions are born. The emphasis will be on creating scalable overall solutions making commercial properties even more sustainable in the future. I want to thank Skanska for a good collaboration so far and look forward to breaking ground together, says Anna Svensson, Head of Innovation, Soltech Energy.

Leading actors working together for innovation
Soltech is a leading solar energy group in Sweden with 17 subsidiaries that develop, sell, install and optimize solar energy solutions for roofs and facades as well as charging and storage solutions. Soltech will now collaborate with one of the leading construction groups, Skanska, in the hunt for tomorrow's innovations.

– It feels exciting to be able to have Soltech with us when we create the foundation for our future innovations with the goal of finding even better and more sustainable solutions in our upcoming commercial real estate projects for the Nordic market. We have high goals and clear quality and environmental ambitions for everything we do. Therefore, it is important for us to have a competent partner with whom we can have a long-term collaboration on sustainable innovation. This is exactly what we have found in Soltech, says Henrik Ahnström, Director of Product, Process & Innovation