13 June 2019

High pressure at SolTech’s subsidiary with SEK 34 million in new business

SolTech’s subsidiary Nyedal Solar Energy, the NP Group and Swede Energy have had a very successful second quarter of 2019, where the synergy effects within the Group both provide business and lower purchasing costs.

CEO Stefan Ölander in a comment:
– Our subsidiaries do a fantastic job and create energy for the Group and our customers. With our very successful rights issue with 333 percent oversubscription in our back, we now have the resources to continue our acquisition journey.

Some examples of major transactions worth about SEK 34 million in Q2, 2019 for SolTech’s three subsidiaries. All transactions will be delivered in 2019 and are within the respective companies’ budget and current business areas.

NP Group:
Telge Bostäder – roof and window changing with the possibility of solar energy, order value 17.65 MSEK
Lidingö City – four different waterproofing works, order value 2.6 MSEK

Sweden Energy:
HSB Sundsfastigheter – solar power plant for Turning Torsos parking garage in Malmö, order value 2.1 MSEK Kilenkrysset – solar energy plant for Ramirent’s new head office in Stockholm, order value 2.4 MSEK
Willhem AB – solar power plant to Skäggetorp center, order value 2.1 MSEK
Region Örebro County – a unique technical solution where the solar power plant is placed at the top of a parking garage where the roof consists of a pergola in steel construction, order value 3.5 MSEK

Nyedal Solar Energy:
Mölndals Stad – solar power plant at Almåshallen, order value 1.8 MSEK
Swedish Church – solar power plant for Halmstad Cemetery administration, order value SEK 1.3 million
Midroc and PEAB – solar energy plant in Falkenberg, order value 850,000 SEK

For more information, please contact: Stefan Ölander, CEO SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ)
Tel: 070-739 80 00. Email: stefan.olander@soltechenergy.com

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About SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ)
SolTech Energy develops and sells aesthetic and building-integrated solar energy products for all types of real estate – commercial, public and residential. The products are part of a property’s outer shell in the form of a roof or walls with integrated solar cells for the production of electricity. The Group also conducts operations in China where the business model consists of financing, owning and operating solar power plants on customers’ roofs and selling all the electricity that is produced. The Group also includes the subsidiaries Nyedal Solenergi, the NP Group and Swede Energy, as well as the jointly owned companies ASAB in Sweden and ASRE in China. SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ) is traded on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm under the short name SOLT and has just over 18,000 shareholders.

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