27 August 2021

Expo 2020: Soltech’s solar energy solutions adorn the Swedish pavilion in Dubai

Sweden's pavilion at the world exhibition Expo 2020 is designed with Swedish innovations. Soltech Energy, together with Nilar and Ferroamp, supply the Swedish pavilion with designed solarpanels and innovative energy solutions to ensure green energy during the world exhibition. Soltech's CEO, Stefan Ölander, talks about the three companies' collaboration.

Participation in the world exhibition "Connecting Minds – Creating The Future" in Dubai is the Swedish government's and Sweden's single largest investment in export and investment promotion activities and will be launched on 1 October this year.
Soltech Energy's subsidiary Soltech Sales & Support contributes to Sweden's pavilion with self-developed stylishly designed solar facade and sunroof, to create aesthetic solarpower solutions. To show the future of solar energy from solar panels to storage and energy optimization, Soltech collaborates with the Swedish companies Nilar and Ferroamp. Ferroamp's EnergyHub system helps control and optimize the energy from the solar panels and the pavilion's consumption can be reduced with the help of an energy storage installation with advanced Nilar Hydrid® batteries.
– We are proud that building-integrated solar energy solutions from Soltech is installed at the Swedish pavilion. Together with our partners Nilar and Ferroamp, we show the strength of collaboration between Swedish innovation companys. The pavilion will be powered by green energy, directly from the sun but managed by Swedish innovations, says Stefan Ölander, CEO of Soltech Energy.
Sweden's pavilion shines with innovation and sustainability
The Swedish pavilion "The Forest", 500 m2 of the roof will be covered by Soltech's, "Roof" and 500 m2 of the sun facade "Facade". The entire facility controls, optimizes and stores energy, something that fits in well with the pavilion's overall themes, which are innovation, sustainability and societal needs.
– Soltech sees great value in being able to showcase our solar products in Dubai. Our ambition is that the Swedish pavilion's energy solutions and our collaboration show the outside world how Swedish innovation is an important building block in the sustainable society of the future, Stefan Ölander concludes.
Watch the film that shows how everything is connected here: