17 November 2022

Construction starts for Soltech’s 45,000 sqm solar installation for Postnord TPL

One of the largest roof-mounted solar energy solutions in the Nordics' is now being constructed on a logistics property in Norrköping. The solar company Soltech Energy Solutions is carrying out the project together with the investment company Swede Solar and the tenant Postnord TPL. The tenant will then buy the electricity they consume through a power purchase agreement. When completed, the solar energy installation will be the same size of just over 6 football pitches* with an output of 6.3 MWp.

Soltech company Soltech Energy Solutions has vast experience with large-scale solar and technology solutions. The company is now starting the installation of what will be a roof-mounted solar installation that will annually produce approximately 6 GWh, which is equivalent to household electricity for approximately 12,000 houses.

The facility's size is made possible by a joint arrangement
The initial investment for the facility itself is covered by the investor Swede Solar. That investment makes it possible to build a larger facility than was originally planned. Postnord will lease a larger area of its roof and gets a facility that produces far more than what the business consumes during parts of the year, without the initial investment. The electricity that is not consumed by Postnord is sold to the overall power grid and contributes to the county's supply of green electricity. The property already today has a grid connection, which means the property supports the electricity grid with the excess of solar electricity that is not going to be used in the property, balancing the grid not weighing it down.

Soltech Energy Solutions CEO Christoffer Caesar is positive about the three-party arrangement, which has made it possible to now install approximately 12 times more solar energy on the property's roof than was originally intended.

– It feels great that we are building one of the largest roof-mounted solar energy installations in the Nordics and the fact that Postnord makes it possible for us to install a much larger facility. This means that they will get a large excess of electricity in the summer but also a larger share of solar electricity in the property during the spring and autumn than a smaller solar energy system would have produced. A perfect way to utilize a roof surface that otherwise would have been unused and of course also supporting the local power grid, says Christoffer Caesar, CEO of Soltech Energy Solutions.

Postnord will buy the electricity they consume through a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). Meaning avoiding an investment, instead buy electricity for a fixed price in a long agreement, getting a stable price for green electricity over time. The maintenance and operation are left to the owner of the installation, Soltech Energy Solutions, and tenant Postnord can focus solely on their core business instead. This installation will be an important part of the company's sustainability plans.

– We want to contribute to the sustainable development of our industry and an important part is to increase the share of renewable energy in our operations. That is why we are very much looking forward to collaborating with Soltech on the solar energy solution at Malmölandet, our property in Norrköping, which will be one of the largest of its kind in the Nordics, says Nilas Linder, Regional Manager at Postnord TPL.