13 July 2023

Construction started for Soltech’s own solar park of 7 hectares

The construction has started for the Soltech Group's own solar park – Öringe Solpark. It is situated in Getinge in Halmstad municipality. The subsidiary Soltech Energy Solutions carries out the project. The site has been carefully selected according to its good conditions for solar energy and already established grid connection. The investment is made as part of the Soltech Group's sustainability work. When the park is fully completed it will produce electricity equivalent to the household electricity consumption* of more than 1,200 houses. The project is now in building phase one and is expected to be fully operational in spring 2024.

Soltech Energy Solutions is the Soltech Group's operating company in advanced energy systems, energy storage and large-scale solar energy solutions. The company has now begun construction of what will be the Soltech Group's own solar park of approximately 70,000 square meters in Getinge, just outside Halmstad.

– It feels great and exciting that we are now starting construction for Soltech's own solar park. In addition to the fact that it is beneficial business and that it will contribute to the Group reducing its climate footprint, the solar park will contribute with about 5.9 GWh of green electricity to the local area and southern Sweden, says Fredrik A Svensson.

Solar energy and increased biodiversity
The land where the park is established is planned to be managed through mowing and/or grazing, which creates a dynamic living environment for flora and fauna. The solar park will create conditions for increased biodiversity in the area, including sowing of flowering meadow plants and the placement of nests for pollinators and various insect hotels. In this way, pollinators and species that are currently threatened in many parts of Sweden will benefit and thrive in the area.

– For us, it is both important to contribute to the green energy transition but at the same time also protect the surrounding nature and the environment. Through our process, we both respect the place we operate in and contribute to the area's future electricity supply. We are proud and looking forward to constructing a solar park that will contribute to electricity for many households in Halland and that also protects nature and diversity in the area, says Fredrik A Svensson.

Here is more information about Öringe Solpark and how it works when a solar park is established (in Swedish): https://soltechenergysolutions.se/oringe-solpark/

*household electricity consumption calculated on 5,000 kWh/year.