12 January 2023

Boxflow and Soltech develop energy concept for the logistics industry

The logistics operator Boxflow and the solar energy company Soltech Energy Solutions are developing an optimized technical solution and business model for the logistics industry through the Greenbox Energy concept. The green overall solution contains solar panels, energy storage and a speed charging park for trucks and private vehicles. Everything is tied together in the same grid connection. The concept will be available to the logistics industry in the first quarter of 2023.

The logistics industry is growing fast, at the same time the ongoing electrification of the transport and vehicle industry. But for the industry to be able to reduce its emissions by 70 percent by 2030, it is necessary that the pace of the transition increases. That's why Boxflow and Soltech Energy Solutions are creating the Greenbox Energy concept, which will make it easier for more logistics companies to turn their properties into smart energy hubs.

The technical solution in the concept is that roof-mounted solar panels, energy storage and a speed-charging park are connected behind one and the same grid connection. Together, the energy solution enables the property owner to produce, store and use solar energy in an optimized way. In the project, Boxflow contribute with its logistics expertise and Soltech is the technology developer and supplier.

The property owner does not have to do the initial investment for the installation but instead go with Greenbox Energy who will make the investment through the establishment of a PPA agreement (Power Purchase Agreement), which means that the property owner only commits to buying the electricity that the solar energy solution produces.

– This is an exciting venture that we are very proud of. The concept will make a real difference and make it easier for the industry to switch to electricity driven transports and produce green energy without straining the electricity grid. It feels great that we and Soltech are creating new opportunities for logistics property owners, says Oscar Andersson, CEO at Boxflow.

Benefits for both property owners and the public
The highly efficient charging park, powered by the self-produced electricity, will create great benefits for the property owner's vehicle fleet, but also for the public and visitors. The charging and battery park will also be accessible to the public so that passing commercial traffic and private individuals can charge their vehicles in the speed-charging park.

– Greenbox Energy is well suited for logistics properties that often have large unused roofs, energy-intensive operations, and land where large batteries can fit. This creates good conditions for us as a technical integrator to tie together all energy solutions behind the property owner's existing grid connection and create a business model that benefits both the customer and the society, says Rickard Lantz, Business development manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

A three-step solution that connects to the same grid connection:

1. Roof-mounted solar panels
By letting a large-scale solar energy solution cover the otherwise unused roof surface, the property owner creates own electricity. The property owner also does not necessarily have to cover the initial investment for the solar installation, Greenbox Energy covers it. The property owner only undertakes to buy the electricity that the solar panels produce through a so-called PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

2. Batteries that store the energy
The energy storage is charged by the solar panels when the sun is shining and by the electricity grid when prices are low, creating a safe energy reserve of 2 MWh. Not least, this will make the property owner less sensitive to power cuts and contributes to balancing the electricity grid.

3. Highly-efficient charging park
With a highly efficient charging park of between 20-40 charging points, staff, customers, and private individuals passing by can quickly charge their electric vehicles. Something that both contributes to the green transition and strengthens the area's charging infrastructure for both the public and professional traffic.

Visit the website for more information: www.greenboxenergy.se