9 March 2023

Analysguiden: “An incomparable quarter”

That's what Analysguiden, part of Aktiespararna, writes about Soltech Energy in a recently conducted analysis. They highlight the organic growth rate of 81 percent but also the total increase in revenue for the underlying business, which reached a whopping 217 percent in quarter 4 2022.

New price target – which may soon need to be raised
As a result of the year-end report and that Analysguiden consider Soltech as a prominent consolidator in a fragmented market, they also set a new price target for the Soltech share.

The new price target and the justified value are set at SEK 25 per share. However, the analysis guide is careful to underline that even that level is starting to feel cautious and that they see potential for a rapid doubling of the share price. Despite the recent increase.

Analysguiden also believes that market forecasts for the solar energy market support continued strong growth for Soltech, also in 2024.

– A great analysis to read but foremost I want our fantastic subsidiaries to take the credit. I can’t think of any other industry that is as timely as solar energy, and now the work continues to build Soltech even stronger, says Stefan Ölander, CEO of Soltech Energy.

Here you can read the analysis in its entirety (in Swedish):