13 December 2017

SolTech Energy to help Ekerö Arena be ”off grid” – self-sufficient electrical consumption.

SolTech Energy has signed a lette of intent with Ekerö Arena, a notable real estate development project classed on the billion-SEK level. This initial contract outlines SolTech’s participation, in cooperation with other parties, in a project undertaken to make Ekerö Arena completely energy self-sufficient with respect to both electricity and heating.

SolTech’s unique building-integrated solar energy products are planned to be used in order to capitalize on their esthetic integration with roofs, facades, windows and balconies. In addition, access to solar cells of various colors can contribute further artistic enhancement

The Ekerö Arena project is led by Ladza Fastigheter AB and will encompass a public swimming pool, 250 residences, an ice rink, a multi-purpose arena for both sports and concerts, surface-heated football fields, an indoor ski track and a skate park. In addition, schools, hotels and restaurants are planned to be located in the area. The project is to be carried out in stages with building expected to start in 2020.

Lazda Fastigheter has recently signed two letters of intent – in part with SolTech, and in part with SENS, Sustainable Energy Solutions. It marks the start of what will be a somewhat unique cooperative effort that addresses local sustainability, climate responsibility, and energy effectivization.

Solar panels that become roofs, facades and windows
With SolTech Energy’s revolutionary concepts in solar cell technology that make possible fully building integrated installations, Ekerö Arena obtains both sunlight and solar protection through roofs, walls and windows – which, at the same time, turn sunlight into electricity.

”All glass surfaces absorb usable solar energy,” observes Stefan Ölander with SolTech Energy. ”Ekerö Arena’s architecture and size clearly contribute to our being able to maximize the total number of panels on the buildings. And now, when the technology of semi-transparent and colored, thin-film solar cells definitively exists, we must realistically anticipate that more people and businesses will utilize their roofs, facades, windows and balconies to generate energy.”
Energy warehouses that save both heat and cold
By making use of bedrock’s intrinsic storage capacity, a natural energy source can be created. This means, for example, that the summer’s heat is warehoused (in the bedrock) and can be accessed when it’s needed – in winter! The reverse process is also self-evident. That is to say, when people have need of ”cold” in the summer, they can access the warehoused lower temperature at the same time they stock the warehouse with heat – In this way, the seasons change place and everyone wins.

“Through our system, we are able to heat up and cool down residences, swimming pool facilities, and schools. We do this with the surplus heat and surplus cold that result when we heat or, respectively, cool for example, ice rinks, indoor ski tracks, swimming pools, offices and artificial playing fields,” explains Jan Egenäs with SENS.

A perfect combination for becoming ”off grid”
The first step toward obtaining a structure or, as in this case, a large building complex, that is entirely self-sufficient with respect to its energy needs has now been made on behalf of Ekerö Arena’s account.

”It feels very satisfying that we have now written our ’letters of intent’,” states Olle Nordberg with Ladza. ”Our goal – which, thanks to our cooperation with SolTech Energy and SENS, is not at all unrealistic – is that we will be able to produce and store all the energy we need. In addition, we thereby create the preconditions necessary to achieving an economically sustainable project by eliminating a large part of the operational overhead. As with all decisions regarding Ekerö Arena, we strive to make smart and farsighted
choices. It is in this way that one builds for the future.”

Stefan Ölander, SolTech Energy Chairman of the Board, comments:
”If the high level of the climate goals cited in the Paris Agreement are to be met, then buildings of the future must be erected making use of the climate-friendly building technology that, in fact, already exists. At SolTech, we are proud over contributing to the effort of making Ekerö Arena ”off grid”. It fits in well with our vision of creating and providing esthetically appealing solutions that work to promote and bring closer the day every building will produce more energy than it consumes.”

Press contacts:

SolTech Energy Sweden AB, Stefan Ölander. Tel no: 070-739 80 00.

Ladza Fastigheter AB. Olle Nordberg. Tel no: 070-862 88 00

SENS – Sustainable Energy Solutions AB. Jan Egenäs. Tel no: 070-593 71 38

SolTech Energy in brief
SolTech Energy develops and sells building-integrated solar energy products for all forms of building structures – commercial, public and residential. The products are a part of a building’s outer shell, as a roof, wall or window, containing semi-transparent solar cells for the production of electricity that simultaneously shade out solar heat. Soltech Energy Sweden AB  (publ.) is traded on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm, under the symbol “SOLT” with over 12,000 shareholders. Also included in the concern are its jointly owned (51%) subsidiaries ASAB in Sweden and ASRE in China, as well as its wholly owned subsidiary Wasa Rör T Mickelsson AB. The company’s Certified Advisor is G&W Fondkommission (securities broker). For more information see: www.soltechenergy.com.