SolTech Flex

The new SolTech Flex provides free heating to your cabin?

Imagine getting free heating, ventilation and a better indoor climate for your summer or winter cabin.

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Many cabin owners like to keep space heating on at a minimum to prevent freezing of pipes and also to keep moist and odour away.

SolTech Flex is a solar collector specifically designed for second homes, cottages and other spaces where there is a need for minimum space heating (maintenance heating) and ventilation. SolTech Flex is easily installed on the outer wall in the fall and removed in spring when there is no longer any need for minimum heating.

SolTech Flex consists of an inflatable frame with two removable covers. The covers, together with the fixed absorbation screen, create two separate air spaces where the front acts as insulation and the back is used to heat the circulated indoor air.

The front screen is transparent. The sun shines on the absorbing black screen where the solar energy is converted into heat and heats the air in the air gap behind it.

Two holes, inlet and outlet, through the outer wall of the house connect the SolTech Flex with the indoor air of the house.

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A solar powered fan draws cold air from inside the house through one hole and circulates it through the SolTech Flex, where the air is heated, and is returned into the house through the second hole. When the sun no longer shines and cannot generate heat, the fan automatically stops.

SolTech Flex is not only contributing to the heating of the house, it also improves the natural ventilation of the house – moisture in the house decreases significantly!
Principles for natural draft ventilation
Holiday homes are often vented by a natural draft which is powered by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the so-called chimney effect. This effect is increased with the use of the SolTech Flex, allowing more air too pass through the house, resulting in a better air quality in the house.

The SolTech Flex was launched at the Home & Villa trade Fair in Stockholm in early October 2010. The reception of the product was tremendous and several orders were signed at the fair.

Technical Data

Output: Up to 1500 Wp
Fan: 12 V, 12 W
Maximum air flow: 200 m³/h
Noise Level: 54 dB(A) @ maximum air flow, 200 m³/h
Solar Cell: 20 Wp @1000 W/m² radiation
Aperture area: 2,34 m² (solar collector area)
Height: 2 m
Width: 1,5 m
Weight: 5 kg
(The solar cell is dimensioned so that the fan will work at optimum when it’s needed the most – during fall, winter and spring.)


The SolTech Flex is now available through our webshop (Swedish/English). We offer international shipping.

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SolTech Flex®

A solar collector for cabins and seccond homes