5 October 2018

SolTech Energy launches the roof of the future!

Esthetic, building-integrated solar cells that fill several functions in one and the same product are, without question, the future’s solar energy. SolTech Energy is now launching SolTech RooF, a new product that replaces traditional roofing tiles, and it will be marketed as a building material for roof replacement. The market demand for home roof replacement – in Sweden alone – generates over 5 billion Swedish crowns in annual sales.

According to Benders, the roofs of about 30,000 homes are replaced every year and, in addition to roof replacements, there is also the construction of approximately 12,000 new modest single-family houses. SolTechRoof is perfectly suited to customers who wish to have a solar-energy solution that is, at the same time, an esthetically pleasing roof. Moreover, when compared with a roof supporting an unattractive, add-on solar energy unit, SolTechRoof is not only competitively priced, but also raises the value of the house.

Today, the private market for solar energy is dominated by silicon solar cells mounted on top of an existing roof. These installations fall a long way short of esthetically pleasing and many homeowners shy away from compromising the appearance of their home by having them mounted. Sol Tech Energy has – since its very inception – applied itself to the goal of creating esthetic and building-integrated solar energy solutions. Two years ago, SolTech ShingEl was launched – and now comes the launch of its successor, SolTechRoof, which is larger and has an attractive price per installed kvm/watt.

SolTech RooF is environmentally smart and designed from an eco-design perspective. This means, beginning as early as the concept phase, we have consciously worked on ensuring that, when the time comes to replace it, the product will be fully recyclable, which is both climate smart and economical from start to goal. SolTech RooF is constructed to be fully integrated with the roof, with a sub-frame identical that used for common roof tiles. The concept makes production easy and cost-effective to install.

CEO Stefan Ölander comments:
– I am proud and very pleased that we are now launching an optimized successor to SolTech ShingEl, which is built on the same concept, though smaller. Traditional, outside-mounted solar cell units are clearly still selling the most, true. But everyone within the solar energy field, both in Sweden and internationally, agree that esthetic and building-integrated solar cells will very soon be taking large markets shares. We at SolTech Energy stand ready to meet that demand.

For more information please contact: Stefan Ölander, CEO SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ.).
Tel: 070 -739 80 00, email: stefan.olander@soltechenergy.com

SolTech Energy in brief
SolTech Energy develops and sells esthetic, building-integrated solar energy products for all forms of building structures – commercial, public and residential. The products are part of a building’s outer shell, as a roof or wall, with integrated solar cells for the production of electricity. The concern also operates in China, where the business model consists of financing, owning and servicing solar energy installations on the roofs of customer owned facilities, and of selling all the electricity these installations produce. Soltech Energy Sweden AB (publ.) is traded on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm, under the symbol “SOLT” and has over 15,000 shareholders. Also included in the concern are its jointly owned (51%) subsidiaries ASAB in Sweden and ASRE in China. The company’s Certified Advisor is G&W Fondkommission (securities broker). For more information see: www.soltechenergy.com