About us

SolTech Energy AB – Clean solar energy as a business idea!

The foundation of SolTech Energy is Swedish Solar Thermal Light Absorption Technology, the patented invention of Peter Kjaerboe from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and biologist Arne Moberg. By combining scientific calculations and data with the basic principles of all life, gleaned from biology, they succeeded in developing a unique solar energy system.

After several years’ development the company, SolTech Energy Sweden AB, was formed in 2006 to make the invention available to the general public. The solar energy system was given the name SolTech System.

In the spring of 2007 SolTech Energy established its main office in Tullinge, 20 km south of Stockholm. Today, the office houses all parts of its operation including research, development, sales and marketing.


The SolTech System installed on a day care center outside Stockholm, approx 150 sqm generating a gross 48 000 kWh/year.