At the leading edge of solar energy

Nobody knows how tomorrow’s solar and energy solutions will work. That is why Soltech Innovation is an essential part of our business. Here, our engineers have the freedom to test ideas, take risks and let their curiosity lead the way forward.

Over the years, we have experimented with everything from thermal solar power to building materials with integrated solar cells. Every abandoned idea, prototype and product has brought us a step closer to success. Today, we have three proprietary products that allow both walls and rooftops to take advantage of the sun’s energy with stylish design and integrated solar cells, without compromising the appearance of the property.

Development moves ahead

We are passionate about developing products that make it easier and financially sustainable for property owners to choose solar energy. That is why we are constantly in search of the next big innovation, and Soltech Innovation never stops testing new ideas. By widening our focus and exploring from the production, control and storage of solar energy, we can create a complete ecosystem for properties’ electricity use.

We are building the future together

A major technological breakthrough can be crucial in stopping climate change. That is why we also encourage other innovators, big and small, to collaborate. With plenty of experience in taking ideas through to a finished product, we can contribute as a partner, from engineering expertise to financial support. Do you run a start-up that wants to revolutionize the solar industry, please contact us and we can discuss whether there are conditions for us to help you with anything from product development- and production to financing. We are developing the next generation of sustainable energy systems together.

Do you want to build tomorrow's energy solutions together with us?