90 minutes of solar energy that reaches the earth’s surface is enough to meet the world’s energy needs for a whole year. It is a breathtaking thought but also something that can drive change. Integrating solar must become standard when new houses are being built or existing ones renovated. That is why we are at Soltech. We work to develop solar technology and integrate it directly into the building materials — so all types of buildings can produce sustainable electricity in the best way possible.

Our company group brings together companies with complementary skills and experience. Our common strength is to be able to meet the needs throughout the value chain: from innovation, development and production of solar technology, to sales, installation and optimisation.

By offering aesthetic solar cell solutions for roofs and façades — integrated into the building materials or mounted on the outside — we meet the needs of today’s customers and make a difference for future generations.

Soltech has implemented an acquisition strategy to drive growth

Roll-up strategy

By merging any smaller companies into one larger unit, we create the conditions for economies of scale, increased competence and expanded geographical markets.


Transformational M&A

Converts roofing- facade- and electricity companies to solar companies with the aim of enriching the offer, capacity and expertise of the entire group

Ready to integrate solar into your everyday life?

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