SolTech System

The SolTech System is a revolutionary and award winning new way of integrating solar energy into any building. SolTech System has its roots in multi-year research at KTH and has been refined here at SolTech Energy. Instead of traditional roof tiles made of concrete or clay, our tiles are made of glass, allowing the sun to shine through onto the absorbing surface underneath. The energy generated is integrated with the building’s existing heating system or electrical grid.

With SolTech System, we will change the way we all look at solar energy in the future.

One solution, four systems

Since 2011 the SolTech systems available in three versions, all with same award winning concept;

SolTech Alfa™, thermal system- airborne

SolTech Σigma™, solar thermal system

SolTech Techo Solar™, solar thermal system for concrete roof structures

SolTech Power™, the electricity generating system.

All these systems have the same aesthetic design and superior service life but are adapted for different applications and buildings. SolTech Alpha is better suited for air-based heating systems, low temperature systems, like ventilation systems or heated foundations. SolTech Sigma is more suited for conventional water born heating systems and hot water production.

The SolTech Power system is developed to generate electricity by use of solar PV cells. The SolTech Power can easily be installed in parallell with the Sigma or Alfa systems.

The flexible system

The system is designed for integration  with the building’s existing energy solution, regardless of principal heat source. The most common solutions are to connect our thermal systems to a water borne heating system via an accumulation tank and SolTech Power to an Inverter to generate 230V AC.

In northern countries like Scandinavia, the greatest amount of energy is naturally generated during the summer but during spring and autumn a considerable amount of  energy is also produced. A major advantage of the SolTech System is that it does not need bright sunshine to work, which means that it also generates energy on a day with slight overcast. The best effect is achieved on the roof if it is facing south, but southwest and southeast means only small losses and therefore works fine.

The optimal slope of the roof in northern Europe  is around 45 degrees, but a good effect is achieved already at 22 degrees inclination. If you have less than that, a SolTech wall solution is recommended. The optimal slope depends on the latitude of the house, the closer to the Equator you get, the lesser the slope is required.

If you do not need to replace the roof, we easily and neatly integrate  the energy-efficient roof as part of your existing roof. You get a sleek and smooth transition between the traditional roof and energy efficient roof.

Financial freedom

With a solar  energy system from SolTech you get your own energy source and thus reducing your need to buy energy for heating. Since the system has a very low operating cost, the energy price is determined by the cost of capital. When the system is paid in full, the energy is free. This way you will not have to worry about rising energy prices and expensive electricity bills. The SolTech System has a lifespan of more than 40 years.

You can read more about our solutions and detailed information about the system under the Products heading above.

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