SolTech Sigma

SolTech Sigma – Aesthetical Solar Energy

With SolTech Sigma, we have created an efficient, tidy and simple solar energy system for single homes as well as for large residential and commercial buildings. With SolTechs own thermal absorbers, especially developed for our specific glass roof tile, installation is simple and overall system efficiency higher.

An efficient, attractive and smart solar energy system
Combined with SolTechs award-winning design and concept solution, we can now offer a solar energy solution that is both effective and elegant, SolTech Sigma, the energy efficient and smart roof. The roof of a normal single family home, annually receives approximately five times more energy from the sun than is being consumed by the family living in the house! With SolTech Sigma you can benefit from that energy, save money and get a beautiful new roof for your house at the same time!

Simple and Ingenious
Instead of traditional roof tiles made from concrete or clay, we use specific SolTech tiles made of glass. Underneath the glass tiles, SolTechs specially developed liquid based absorber modules that harvest the energy from the sun, are installed. The modules have an integrated, patented, carrying batten for maximized absorber surface. The modules are interconnected on the roof to form a complete solar collector system. Generated solar energy ends up in a specific storage tank that is connected to the building’s central heating system. This configuration enables us to use all the energy the sun provides first. When not sufficient for the overall need, the central heating system provides the difference.

A flexible system


The greatest amount of energy from the sun is naturally generated during summer, when the sun shines the most. On beautiful winter days, during late autumn and early spring, when we need energy the most, a considerable amount of energy is however generated. The reason is the system’s overall effectiveness in combination with the use of a large absorption area, since being a roof at the same time.The system can be integrated with all currently known heating systems such as district heating, geothermal heating, air to water heat pumps, pellets, wood, oil or electric boiler.

The highest efficiency is obtained when the roof is straight south facing, but southwest and southeast also works very well. The optimal roof pitch is around 45 degrees, but the system works well at 20 degrees. If you have less than 15 degree pitch on the roof, do contact SolTech Energy for the design of an appropriate solution for you. Each installation is tailored to the specific property. SolTech Sigma can be installed on the entire or part of the roof, depending on customer needs and wants.

When part of the roof is used as solar collector surface, we offer the customer a solution were SolTechs specific glass roof tiles are installed on the entire roof, to achieve an attractive and uniform appearance.

SolTech Sigma is designed to fit commercial, public, and private homes.

The SolTech Sigma proprietary developed absorbers specially adapted for the standards for roofing with tiles.

Combined with our award-winning design and concept solution, we can now offer a solar power solution that is as efficient as elegant and crystal clear.

A common house roof is subjected to about five times more energy each year, from the sun, than the house’s total energy consumption. SolTech allows You to use this energy while saving money. With SolTech Sigma you get both a beautiful ceiling and energy to your house.

Multi functionality

With the SolTech System you get more than just a solar energy system, you get the premier integrated solar solution and a roof cladding with superior durability. The aesthetical properties of the SolTech Sigma are superior to any traditional solar collector system available in the market today.


SolTech Total
Combine SolTech Sigma and SolTech Power Produce the electricity needed from the sun to run pumps, control system etc. i.e. all  eripheral systems in SolTech Sigma. You can also expand the system by combining SolTech Sigma and SolTech Power with a heat pump, creating a completely energy neutral solution. Read more about SolTech Power and the combined system SolTech Total in the menu above .