SolTech Power

Solar Energy and building in perfect harmony

We at SolTech Energy can now offer you our award winning solar energy solution as a PV system for electricity generation. By combining state of the art solar cells with our SolTech System concept, a solar energy system may be installed in harmony with your building. It’s efficient, good looking and smart!

SolTech Power solenergisysten i genomskärning

Cross section of the SolTech Power System

SolTech Power is the perfect combination and works both as traditional roof cladding and power supply of the future from the sun. We replace the traditional roof tile with our glass roof tiles and underneath these solar cells are placed to generate electricity.

We use high efficient, market leading CdTe thin film solar panels especially developed for SolTech Energy and SolTech System. We place the solar panels between the carrying battens, underneath the roof tiles, where they are protected from damage and theft.

By using CdTe thin film solar cells we will achieve higher efficiency as temperature rises compared to traditional silicon solar cells. CdTe thin film solar cells are also more efficient in diffused light. These factors combined, we estimate, will result in 5-10% more kWh produced per installed W.


In the foreground you may see the solar cells underneath the tiles

SolTech Total, the Energy Neutral Solution

Combine SolTech System with a modern heat pump to achieve energy neutral solutions for your house.

By having SolTech Sigma providing hot water and heating for a large part of the year, SolTech Power can produce enough electricity to even match the annual consumption of a heat pump on an annual basis.

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