SolTech Alfa

Soltech System_illu_text_engHouse and property owners are always interested in lowering the heating costs.

With a SolTech System installed, you can reduce your heating costs and at the same time get a beautiful house. The SolTech System can be combined with the most common heating solutions on the market today.

Instead of laying the traditional concrete or clay roofing tiles, the special glass roof tiles are laid, The glass roof tiles allows the sun to shine through on to the special absorption fabric underneath that absorbs the sun’s rays. Beneath the absorption fabric, special beams form a column where the air is heated and circulated through a patented technology. The energy captured is then directed into the house and integrated with the house’s existing heating system.

The system is designed to be integrated with the house’s existing energy solution, both air based and water based, for example, a ground source heat pump, air heat pump, pellet boiler, oil boiler or electric boiler. The most common solution is that the system is connected to a water based heating system via an accumulation tank, but we also offer other solutions. The only requirement is that the house has some form of central heating systems.

If you have direct electrical heating method, or lack a central heating solution, we have developed a cost effective solution for you. By installing a SolTech Mini Water System you complement your current heating solution with a few fan coil units which are connected to an accumulation tank. This will give you all the benefits of a water based system for a fraction of the cost. Your current heating solution can remain as a reserve.

You can read more about our system solutions under each heading in the menu to the right right. We have chosen to divide our various solutions after heating method.