frihet3-300x131SolTech Energy has a revolutionary technology in an area characterized by very strong growth and a growing global concern.

SolTech Energy develops and integrated solar energy systems based on multi-year research at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The system is part of a building’s outer shell in the form of a roof and / or a wall of glass and acts both as climate shell, active insulation and solar energy system.

The system is suitable for both new construction and for installation on all types of buildings from private homes to apartment buildings, commercial properties and real estate. The system can be combined with most common central heating systems such as electrical boiler, oil, pellets and wood to various types of heat pumps (ground source, air / water, air / air) and district heating systems.

SolTech operates in Sweden and in Spain through its wholly owned subsidiary, SolTech Energy Mediterraneo SL and has today approximately 1 000 shareholders, the largest owners are EIG Venture Capital Ltd., the family Telander, Arne Moberg and Peter Kjaerboe. The SolTech stock is traded as of March 17, 2010 on the Alternativa Stock Market Place

Our financial statements can be found under Financial Reports in the menu above. All reports are currently being published in Swedish only.

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