Installing the SolTech Sigma System

The SolTech Sigma is installed in accordance with traditional methods for tiled roofs at a slightly higher t for that of a traditional roof.

taklaggning1In the case of re-roofing, the old roof cladding i taken down, including battens. Once the roof is cleared of tiles, nails and battens, the installation of the SolTech Sigma system may begin.

In the same way as with a traditional roof we begin with the underlay. If the roof was recently re-roofed (less than 10 years) you may be able to keep the old underlay, check the condition of the underlay. Otherwise replace the underlay with a new one in accordance with your building regulations.

Traditional battens are installed. We use a specific black colored metal batten that allows for easy fastening of the tiles when required.

Absorber modules
Our especially designed absorber modules are placed between the battens. The modules are the result of extensive research and development at SolTech Energy for optimal efficiency, installation and production cost.

Collection manifolds
The absorber modules are connected to manifolds that collect the energy from the modules. The manifolds are placed at the side of the modules and are also covered by the glass roof tiles. The collection manifolds are connected to insulated pipes connecting the SolTech Sigma to the solar coil in the accumulation tank.

The collection manifolds are prefabricated and supplied by SolTech Energy and are tailored for each installation.

The Glass Roof Tiles
The Glass roof tiles are the result of several years of research here at SolTech Energy and is made of high transparency glass with a low level of iron oxide. The tile is a Double-S profiled tile very similar to traditional concrete tiles used in the Nordic and other countries.

The SolTech Glass Roof  Tile has superior durability against erosion and sunlight and has a life expectancy far grater than that of any traditional roof tile. Tests conducted at The Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute (CBI) show that the glass roof tile can withstand pressure 7 times the requirement for that of a concrete roof tile.

An additional feature of the SolTech Glass Roof Tile is that it allows snow to easily glide off the roof in winter time. Since the surface is smooth, with a little help of the sun, the snow glides off the roof by itself.

Laying of  Glass Roof Tiles
The tiles are laid on the battens much in the same way as traditional concrete tiles. The tiles are packed in bundles of 5 for easy and ergonomic handling. Laying begins in the lower right hand corner.