How to install your SolTech Flex

The SolTech Flex is easy to install and requires no special tools for installation.

Ingaende komponenter allaMark out where to place your SolTech Flex. The Flex SolTech placed optimally on a wall due south (northern hemisphere). Southeasterly and southwesterly direction gives slightly less output while the westerly or easterly direction provide almost half the output. Preferably choose also a wind-protected location which is not shaded by trees or other objects.

It is possible to mount SolTech Flex over a window if no other suitable place may be found. Before installing the SolTech Flex, do check that no sharp edges may be damaging the product. The SolTech Flex installation is recmmended so that the inlet and outlet are connected to the largest room in the house, such as living room or main area. Make sure the innner doors of the house are open so that warm air can also circulate to the other rooms.

Tools required for assembly

• Powerdrill for the holes, use the supplied hole saw
• Hacksaw for cutting pipes
• Pen
• Folding rule
• Spirit
• Phillips screwdriver
• Small flat screwdriver
• 4 x screws for installation of disc vents, adapted to the inner wall
• 2 x screw for fixing of ducts in the wall, adapted to the wall material


Flex med matt 3Inflate up the frame in part to facilitate assembly. Install transparent screen, dividers, rear screen, solar cell, fan, and spigots.

Inflate the frame conmpletely so that it is rigid, and mark where the in- and outlet holes are to be placed and the exact position of the Soltech Flex.

Use the supplied pilot drill and hole saw to make the holes.

Install ventilation ducts in the holes and disc vents on the inside and mount the mounting studs rubber straps on the facade

Insert the spigots into the holes and tighten SolTech Flex rubber straps. Remove the discs from the disc vents.

Your SolTech Flex is now installed and can start supplying heat and improving the ventilation of the house.

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