Why is the SolTech Flex installed on the wall and not on the roof?
The sun is so low over the horizon during the winter months when the product is most useful. Then a vertical position best!
With a vertical position there is no risk that the collector is covered with snow.

If I put SolTech Flex on the wall, will it not be shaded by the eaves?
In winter the sun is so low (in December, in the nordic countries, the sun does not rise more than 10 degrees above the horizon), so the eaves are not a problem. It is more likely to be shaded by bushes and trees nearby.

What is the diameter of the holes in the wall?
125 mm .

Why are there two holes?
Since SolTech Flex heats the inside air, it is drawn through one hole, heated and returned through the other.

How are the holes placed?
The holes are placed horizontally, high on the wall, how high depends on how SolTech Flex is placed on the outside.
The holes are 60 cm apart (c / c dimensions).

Why is the solar cell inside the product instead of next to it?
The solar cell with cables is protected inside the flex and simply that it looks better.

Will not the heated air be “shorted” when the inlet an outlet holes are located next to each other?
No, the air has such a high speed when it enters the house. It will create a so-called impulse that makes the air come a long way into the room prior to mixing with other air.

Does the fan make much noise?
54 dB at maximum solar radiation. Not more than a dishwasher or kitchen fan. The idea is to SolTech Flex primarily be used when you are not there, which means that you will not be disturbed by the fan.

Will there be a cold draft at night?
No, because the holes are placed high and at the same height, the same principle as for a water trap is used, though it is an “air trap”.

Do you have to take down the SolTech Flex in the summer?
The inflatable frame with front screen will get a longer life expectacy if it is taken down in the summer, but it is not required.

Can I put SolTech Flex horizontally instead of vertically?
That’s fine, but they risk downdraughts at night. Install a one-way air valve in the channels to avoid this! However, check first that the valve will fit in the channels, this depends on the thickness of the wall.

Can I turn the  SolTech Flex upside down so that the inlet and outlet ports are at the bottom?
We do not recommend that you install the Soltech Flex upside down. Also in this case there is a risk of downdraughts, install a one-way air valve in the channels to avoid this. In addition, the solar cell may fall out from the desgnated pocket, so the product needs to be modified.

I have a house that is larger than 65 m², what do I do?
For larger buildings over 65 m², the effect is reduced, although it naturally provides an addition. You may ofcourse install two SolTech Flex on the same house, for example next to each other.

Can I use outside air and heat that instead of heating the indoor air?
No, the risk is that you will enter moist, outside, air into the house. You may also risk in creating a slight over preassure int the house, risking moist to enter the walls of the house. this situation is not recommended, since most cabins are ventilated through natural draft, with a slight under preassure.

How long does the installation and how hard is it?
The first time SolTech Flex fitted, it takes 1 – 2 hours. After initial assembly is made, it takes no more than a few minutes to mount and take down the SolTech Flex.

Where can I buy a SolTech Flex
SolTech Flex can easily be purchased through our Webshop at www.SolTechWebshop.com or via one of our resellers.