Energy Roof

Install an energy efficient roof that saves you money and increases the value of your estate! Change to SolTech System, the energy-efficient roof, you will get a new, highly quality roof as well as an efficient, environmentally friendly and smart solar solution.

SolTech System

SolTech Energy’s energy efficient roof is a conventional roof with an integrated solar energy system that easily connects to your existing heating system – air to water or geothermal heat pump, electricity, wood pellets, stoves and district heating.

Installation of the energy efficient roof is usually made when you replace the roof or when building a new house. The principle for the installation of an energy efficient roof is based on the method for laying a standard roof with concrete tiles with battens. A handy person can themselves install our system in the same way as a normal roof and a conventional solar panel.

The energy-efficient roof is fitted on the south facing side of the roof. The system covers all or part of the roof, depending on your energy needs.

If you do not need to replace the roof, we easily and nicely integrate the energy smart roof with your existing roof. You get a nice, smooth transition between the traditional roof and energy-efficient roof.

Our partners internationally install and fit SolTech Systems to ensure accurate, swift and professional execution. These certified partner live up to the high standards of quality and performance that we set. Our partners are reputable companies with years of experience in the industry.

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Saving starts day one with SolTech Systems.