Components – Sigma

The SolTech Sigma system is made up of components especially developed and chosen for their properties in optimizing performance, reducing installation cost and superior durability.

The key components in the SolTech Sigma system  are the Glass Roof Tiles and the Absorber modules.

The Glass Roof Tile is the result of several years of research and testing at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) and at SolTech Energy. The Soltech Glass Roof Tile has a Double-S profile and is compatible with traditional concrete roof tiles used in the Nordic and other countries.

With the compatibility of the Glass Roof Tile and the generic installation method used, the installation cost of the Glass Roof tiles is similar to that of traditional roof tiles. The Glass Roof Tiles are UV resistant and have a high resistance against erosion. With its homogeneous, smooth surface, growth of moss is not to be expected.  Our tests and early installations also show an added feature, The Glass Roof  Tiles allow snow to easily glide off the roof in winter time. Since the surface is smooth, with a little help of the sun, the snow glides off the roof by itself.

Absorber modules. SolTech Energy has worked extensively and for many years to develop and design the absorber modules used in the SolTech Sigma System in terms of form and function. The design of the modules together with the Glass Roof tiles allows for a dual glazing effect for the absorber plate for increased efficiency.

An anti-freeze fluid is circulated through the absorbers to harvest the energy for integration with the central heating system. The fluid recommended by SolTech Energy is a environmentally friendly propylene glycol mix.

Control System. The Control System for the SolTech Sigma comes in many different configurations depending on the functionality and flexibility requested. From the simplest on/off function to pool heating, bore hole regeneration and integrated facility management systems.