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Since our appearance at the NordBygg 2010 Trade Fair in Stockholm in March this year, at which the SolTech System was awarded the “Hottest New Material for 2010”,we have received an increasing interest in our products.

In October 2010 an interview with company CEO Frederic Telander, was published on the interior design blog, resulting in tremendous global interest with many inquiries as a result.

Since our launch of the system some three years ago we have focused our attention on our home markets Sweden, Spain and the Nordic countries. Our international roll-out will commence during 2011 and will start with the European countries.

We receive many requests from businesses and individuals who want to purchase and/or represent SolTech Energy in different countries. In the coming years we will create a number of strategic partnerships in different markets. Currently, we are evaluating a handful of partners.

Each collaboration begins with a specific installation. We are looking for suitable projects, primarily in The Nordic Countries, BeNeLux, Germany and France, but can also undertake projects in other countries.

A suitable project has an identified client that wants to use solar energy and meet three primary requirements:

  • The customer has significant heating needs in summer, such as a hotel, sports club, a large apartment building or similar.
  • The customer should be interested in investing in renewable energy and see the benefits of strengthening its brand through new, renewable technologies.
  • The client is located in a market with good market conditions for solar energy.

The company wanting to represent SolTech Energy need to be proficient in the solar energy field, have a good understanding of how the solar energy and construction industries work in that market and have resources to invest in marketing.

We very much appreciate you contacting SolTech Energy and hope that we may keep in contact until the time is right for us to enter into your market. Until then we will continuously update our website with news, product developments and information on new markets/ countries entered into.

Please feel free to contact the company in regard to this matter should you have any questions or a suitable project in mind.

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