Our vision

SolTech_Glaspanna_himmelBusiness Idea and Vision

SolTech Energy’s business idea is to provide an integrated solar energy system which is economical, flexible, elegant and sustainable.

Economical because installation payback time is much shorter than for competing technologies.

Flexible because the system has been developed to connect to existing heating systems.

Elegant because it is an integrated system, eliminating the need for clumsy retro-fits and extensions. The visible part of the system comprises glass roof-tiles or a glazed façade.

Sustainable because the system is long-lasting.

SolTech Energy’s business idea will be realized with the Nordic countries as a base and grow to have Europe as market.

Our Vision – The Plus House

The SolTech System can be seen as one step on the road towards a greater goal, namely our vision of the Plus House: The house that produces more energy than it consumes.

The road to the Plus House leads through four development stages:

1.The energy-efficient house: A house with radically more efficient heating than those existing today.
2. The factor ten house: The house which generates 10 units of heating energy for each unit of electricity used.
3. The zero house: The house which generates enough energy to cover the building’s total energy needs.
4. The Plus House: The house that produces more energy than it consumes.

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